FAQ Title

Q: How many memories can I include in my custom print?

A: As many as you’d like! We don’t limit the # of memories you want to include in your own print. With the final size of your print and frame in mind, the maximum number of buildings is limited to 8, while we still recommend 5 for the best Memory Road. And, by far, the most important thing to remember is, have fun with it and use your imagination!

Q: Will you just be using clip-art and pre-made memories from previous orders?

A: NO! We know that you want your print to absolutely be one of a kind, and that’s how we make yours! We start with a blank canvas for every print, and will never re-use an existing graphic from another customer. The final print will lead to your own unique Memory Road.

Q: How soon after I place my order will I receive my custom Memory Road Trip print?

A: Within 7 days or less, we will send you a draft of your print via e-mail. This will be an outline-only draft, and will not be colorized. Once we make any necessary changes and you approve, we will colorize your print. This process normally takes about 2 business days. 

Q: Can you put a rush on my order?

A: If you need your order sooner, we will make every attempt to do so. However, please know that each order is custom – we do not “copy & paste” from other orders or prints. It takes time to create a perfect one-of-a-kind piece!

Q: How will I know that my print is accurate and includes everything I want it to include?

A: In order to guarantee the accuracy of what you have envisioned, we first create your print in whats referred to as a “line drawing”. This line drawing will be e-mailed to you. This is where you can make an unlimited number of revisions to your print before we color it and frame it. 

Q: What is the quality of your printing?

A: Our prints are professionally printed with a Semi-Gloss finish. We print your prints with only the latest – and best – technology available. Our prints are printed with a Canon ImagePROGRAF printer, which delivers color consistency and imagery that rivals offset. Non-toxic dry ink is used. 

Q: I think e-mailing you my images and describing my memories in detail would be easier for me. Can I just e-mail you?

A: Absolutely! Some of our customers find e-mailing us is the way they want to go to start customizing their own Memory Road. Simply e-mail us at sales@memoryroadtrip.com with your descriptions, image links and/or attached images. We’ll respond to you within 24 hours (Yup, even on the weekend).